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Mount Tamborine - Pure Coffee & Coconut Exfoliating Soap

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SuperExfoliating Coffee & Coconut Bar

Named Mount Tamborine in honour of the hard-working coffee growers in the beautiful locality of Mount Tamborine, Scenic Rim, QLD

Exfoliation on the top, nourishing on the bottom. Mount Tamborine is the best of both worlds. Past the chocolate and fruity notes of the natural coffee grinds, the caffeine content and antioxidants give this beautiful bar powerful anti-inflammatory properties and improve the appearance of your skin by removing the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovering fresh new cells below. Designed for those who like a rough scrub!! The bottom layer of coconut moisturizes and conditions the new skin leaving it silky smooth and nourished.

Ingredients: Mount Tamborine Coffee, Scenic Rim Rainwater, SAPONIFIED OILS – Coconut, Apricot Kernel, Castor, Macadamia, Shea Butter

Coffee grown and roasted in the Scenic Rim, QLD by Tamborine Mountain Coffee -

Approx. 110-150g