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Organic Aftershave Balm

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Cool and soothe your skin with this organic post shave oil.

Made with refreshing scents of the Australian bush, From Earth Organic Aftershave Oil will help keep your skin healthy and clean after shaving. With added hemp oil to lock in hydration, simply rub a few drops between the hands and massage into the shaved area.




Hemp oil is the perfectly legal buddy of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Rich in chlorophyll making it bright green, hemp oil has high concentrations of essential fatty acids (the building blocks of healthy skin) to help nourish, hydrate and soothe your skin.


Blue mallee is essentially eucalyptus and has a fresh and earthy scent. The oil from this native Australian tree can help reduce skin irritation, heal infections and relieve colds and congestion.


Hemp oil, blue Mallee (eucalyptus), tea tree & lemon myrtle