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Organic Coffee & Cinnamon Soap - Small

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An ideal hand soap for stubborn dirt and grime. From Earth Organic Coffee & Cinnamon hand soap is free from palm oil and contains zero artificial colours or fragrances. Made with pure ground coffee and cinnamon for an invigorating exfoliation. We’ve also added rich oils to deeply moisturise your skin. This organic hand soap will leave your mitts (and bathroom) with a rich, lingering scent of coffee beans. Lather it up and rinse off as needed.

Pro tip: If the 80g hand soap is not enough, we’d recommend trying out our 150g bar. It works wonders as a mild body exfoliation too!

Our soaps only contain cold pressed oils to ensure that our products retain their aromatic and nutritional value. Learn more here about cold pressed oils and how we make our soaps.

Warning: This product contains tree nuts.